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Over 150 brands grow their bookings with Voyat

Over 150 forward-thinking and brand-conscious brands work with Voyat to boost direct bookings using data science and design.

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We increase direct bookings by delivering beautifully designed dynamic messages to visitors.

Now introducing Voyat Black Edition: a premium upgrade to our e-Commerce Optimization Platform. The new suite of technologies targets the hotel’s most valuable bookings with highly-relevant messages

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How does it work?

Why do leading hospitality brands work with Voyat?

More direct bookings

Increase conversion rates for targeted visitors by 50% or more

Custom design

Fits the look and feel of your website

Sophisticated targeting models

Show the right message to the right visitor at the right time in the travel planning journey

72% lift in conversions

Case Study: Capitol Hill Hotel

By letting Voyat’s e-Commerce Optimization Platform serve contextually relevant messages to 20% of website traffic, the hotel achieved a staggering 72% lift in conversions among the targeted audience, equaling a 75:1 ROI.

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