Behavioral Targeting

Not all website traffic is created equal. Voyat uses data science to identify high-opportunity users, and increases their conversion rates with a variety of segmentation and targeting strategies.

Targeting Methods

We interpret many different data points and behavioral cues to understand behavior and trigger personalized experiences

Visit Source



Session Depth

Visit Frequency

Mouse Velocity

Device Type

Acquisition Cost

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Links directly to hotel website
Voyat serves a custom experience

Dynamic Website Experiences

Once we’ve identified your highest opportunity users, we target them with custom messaging based on where they are in their unique booking journey

Native Designs

Message containers that feel native to your site, matched seamlessly to your brand’s personality and aesthetic

Constant A/B Testing

A data-driven approach means constant testing and iteration to find the right message for each user

Granular Analytics

Real-time analytics to track performance, plus automated aggregate reporting for your whole team readyto try this out?

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