November 13, 2017Blog

Hotel Direct Booking Pushes Are Working. What’s Next?

By Sara O'Brien, Head of Marketing Everyone in hospitality has an opinion about 2016's direct booking campaigns. Some hailed them as a long-overdue blow against aggressive intermediaries; others voiced concern that discounting tactics would put long-term downward pressure on rates. So who was right? Thanks to

October 18, 2017Blog

The Launch of Voyat Black: an Even Smarter Way to Drive Direct Bookings

For five years, Voyat has enabled our clients to increase direct bookings through dynamic messages on their websites. Now, with the launch of Voyat Black, we have developed a system that’s more personalized, more sophisticated, and overall more effective. The Voyat Optimization Platform sits atop

September 20, 2017Blog

Voyat Recognized by CIO Review

It’s a thrilling time to be working in the hospitality industry, with technology advances coming fast and furious. We feel honored to be on the front lines of those changes. So we are proud that technology magazine CIO Review recognized Voyat as one of

August 31, 2017Blog

Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand for Ugly Pop Ups

By Samanta Shi, Creative Lead at Voyat For affluent travelers, the two most important factors influencing their travel planning decisions are the hotel’s brand and luxury reputation. Tech-savvy as they are, 70% of

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May 6, 2017Case Studies

Beachwalk Resort Achieves 88% Increase in Conversions on High-Opportunity Traffic

Located just one block from the beach, and with extensive beach club amenities, dining outlets, and suite-style rooms, people visit Beachwalk Resort for a luxury experience. "People come here to unwind,"

April 11, 2017Case Studies

Capitol Hill Hotel Generates 75:1 ROI with Dynamic ‘Book Direct’ Messages

Capitol Hill Hotel is located in a crowded, competitive hotel market. A search on a popular OTA returns 165 accommodation options in Washington, D.C., with 51 located in the Capitol

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