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October 18, 2017Blog

The Launch of Voyat Black: an Even Smarter Way to Drive Direct Bookings

The Launch of Voyat Black: an Even Smarter Way to Drive Direct Bookings

For five years, Voyat has enabled our clients to increase direct bookings through dynamic messages on their websites. Now, with the launch of Voyat Black, we have developed a system that’s more personalized, more sophisticated, and overall more effective.

The Voyat Optimization Platform sits atop the hotel website and booking engine, enticing travelers to book direct. We have long seen success with our engagement, personalization, and browsing and booking rescue messages. The data and algorithms in Voyat Black’s new features allow us to tailor the process even further and deliver highly relevant, personalized messages. With Intent Based Targeting, we can ascertain whether a potential guest is a business or leisure traveler; whether she is a high spender; and whether she is interested in booking last minute or ahead of time. We can then tailor the offer based on who they are as a traveler (“Book now for 15% off Executive Suites”):

We also have improved the user experience with ‘Resume Your Search messages for return visitors (“Return to your search for 6/2/2018 – 6/5/2018 for 2 adults”)…

…and added urgency notifications (“114 other travelers are planning to book at this hotel right now”): 

And it works. Voyat has been testing out the new platform with existing clients, with incredible results. A boutique hotel in Boston saw a 22% lift in conversion rate among targeted traffic without applying a discounted offer. For a resort hotel in Vermont, we targeted high spenders who had returned to the website without booking, eliciting a 290% increase in conversion rate for the campaign. A boutique hotel in Miami decided to prevent abandonment with our Booking Rescue feature targeted toward high spenders; the campaign drove a 60% increase in conversion rate, which added tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line per month.

Why call it Voyat Black? When a person dresses in “black tie,” they look formal, elegant, prestigious. The new features allow luxury hotel brands to identify high-value customers, ones who may very well feel comfortable in a tuxedo. Black is mysterious: The new features solve the mystery of who your website visitors are, whether they are high spenders, business or leisure travelers. (We then use that information to enhance the customer experience and boost direct bookings.) Finally, the color black connotes sophistication, and our new offerings and technology are nothing if not sophisticated.

Simply put, Voyat Black employs the most current technology to effectively target potential customers. And, true to the Voyat mission, we never sacrifice design. Our messages match the sophisticated look of the hotel website, which is why luxury brands such as One & Only and COMO trust Voyat to improve their eCommerce experience.

Hospitality is all about creating a custom experience for guests,” says Andre De Araujo, Vice President of e-Commerce at Highgate. “The new product suite from Voyat goes even further in personalizing communications to meet specific needs online.”

Benjamin Habbel, co-founder of Voyat and VP of Global Business Development at parent company Intent Media, adds: “With the release of Voyat Black, our ability to blend eCommerce best practices with luxurious design, brand and tone is unmatched in the industry.”

Are you ready to learn more? Contact us at for a demo.

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