IntroducingVoyatBlack Edition

A premium upgrade to our e-Commerce Optimization Platform. The new suite of technologies targets the hotel's most valuable bookings with highly-relevant messages


Direct Experience

Nothing is more influential than a direct experience. Create meaningful relationships online by serving dynamic incentive messages to visitors.

Targeting based on:

  • Where they come from: Geolocation, Device Type, Acquisition Channel, Visit Source, Language
  • Where they are going: Time on Site, Exit Intent, Availability Search, Idle Time, Scroll Depth, Visit Frequency, Mouse Velocity

Direct Insight

Receive clear, data-driven insights based on constant AB testing.

  • Uncomplicated reporting made for any hotelier
  • Dedicated Customer Service team
  • Data analysts and scientists with travel ecommerce experience

Direct Membership

Create social connections on the website and greet the visitor by name.

  • Provide true personalization anywhere on your site
  • Export files for smart data marketing campaigns
  • Serve real-time notifications to access incentives at any time
  • Recognize visitors across all devices readyto try this out?

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